A Call to Artists! 

Huntington Valley Arts has started an Event Series on Wednesday nights 6:30 – 8pm. We are currently looking for teens and adult artists and craftspeople who would be interested in sharing their work, in a presentation style format, at the Huntington Public Library. Huntington Valley Arts @ Night will be free and open to anyone who is interested in learning about different artistic processes and viewing the artist’s work. The show and tell portion will be followed by a Q&A, afterwards there will be the opportunity to socialize and meet a few neighbors. A schedule of the events will be shared and updated here as people sign up.

Please fill out this form and be sure to include your contact information. We’ll reach out with more details soon. Also, feel free to email us huntingtonvalleyarts@gmail.com or call/ text Meg Northrop at 802-238-0198 or Meghan Purvis Okolita at 802-777-9292.

The cadence and format of Huntington Valley Arts @ Night will be driven by community engagement, so please sign up, reach out and come to the events. We look forward to spending a few cold nights together talking about art and building community.

A Few More Details for the Artists:

  • Presentations will be held Wednesday nights at 6:30pm at the Huntington Public Library
  • We are looking for teens or adults who would like to share their stories as artists
  • The presentations are yours to curate as you’d like, but please keep them under an hour
  • Share about your joys or challenges of the medium, how your work has evolved, etc. This can be as involved or not involved as you like
  • You can choose to use a PowerPoint or not, we will help coordinate logistics prior to your presentation
  • Artists can bring artwork to sell, we just ask that 10% of sales that night goes to HVA to fund future projects
  • Artists are welcome to organize a workshop after the presentation and charge for materials if need be
  • If you would like to host at your studio, we ask that you share accessibility, parking and bathroom details on the sign up form
  • Please reach out if you’ve got ideas on how to make this a success
  • Share your availability on the sign up form and we will do our best to put together a schedule that works for everyone

Past Presenters

1/ 11 Renee Greenlee is a photographer based in Vermont. In addition to her professional and community projects, she utilizes film and historic processes to explore place, liminality and the work of being present. To that end, she creates cyanotypes of her local watershed, bringing a blue world to light. This year, she was awarded a Creation Grant from the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts to support the creation of cyanotypes of water for an immersive exhibition that invites the community to engage with Lake Champlain and its watershed.

You can learn more about her work at : www.reneegreenlee.com

1/25 Aurora: Living the Creative Life, a retrospective of her life as an artist. Aurora has been a dedicated participant in Vermont farmer’s market with her company Green Angel Arts for over 18 years, where she has enjoyed connecting with people 1:1 and finding homes for her pieces. A long time resident of Huntington, Aurora offers a unique perspective of Northern Vermont. She’s explored a wide variety of mediums as life’s twists and turns unfolded before her. You can check out some of her most recent offerings on Instagram @Green Angel Arts

2/8 Alison Forrest, a founding member of HVA, community cultivator and fiber artist extraordinaire, will showcase her work and share her story. Alison has been been for 60 years and teaching kids how to weave in her studio in Huntington for 20. More of her work can be found here @FeedtheMasses

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