Meet Our Board Members

President: Alison Forrest

Treasurer: Rebecca Rosenthal is a lover of art, music, cooking, anything vintage and of course gemstones. A gemologist by trade, she has been in the jewelry business for close to 20 years. Rebecca’s creativity has evolved over the years, leading her to explore lots of different mediums – however, needle felting and jewelry making hold a special place in her heart. Community art is important to Rebecca and she believes everyone should be able to express themselves by whatever moves them.

While Meghan Purvis Okolita is our Website Coordinator and newly elected Secretary, her true calling is fiber artistry. She has sewn both professionally and as a hobby throughout her life. Recently, she has dove headfirst into weaving and continues to explore new ideas and mediums as the seasons shift. Meghan is passionate about exploring the intersection of art and community.

Judy Bush has worked as a baker, art teacher and camp director and is now finding more time for her gardens and art. She believes that art at every level is essential for a healthy community and is a board member of Huntington Valley Arts and Radiate Art Space.

Meg Northrop

Janine Plumer

Kristin Bair-Cummings

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