Art in almost any media is welcome – don’t forget spoken and written word, music and soundscapes.

  • August 1st – submission form due to Huntington Library 
    • Email forms to
    • Leave them in the Library Drop Box
    • Or Mail to HPL 2156 Main Rd. Huntington, VT 05462
  • September 14th – Exhibit Ready artwork delivered to Huntington Library
  • October 1st – Exhibit OPENS in Huntington
  • November 30th – Exhibit CLOSES

You can print the submission form here or pick one up in person at The Huntington Public Library and the Richmond Free Library.

For questions and general information, please email: for Anne or stop by one of the libraries.

  • One piece of reasonably sized art work per person. 
  • All art work should be of “reasonable” size, compatible with exhibit space for each Library. 
  • 3) Outdoor exhibit space may be available at the Huntington Community Forest and The Birds of Vermont Museum. 
  • 4) Art work MUST be exhibit ready. There are bulletin boards at HPL for displaying work using push pins. 
  • 5) Any and all audio and/or visual equipment and management is the sole responsibility of the artist during and after the Exhibit. 
  • 6) Art work MUST be delivered to HPL by September 15, 2023. 7) Artwork MUST be picked up at the close of the Exhibit. 
  • 8) Exhibit managers will type print, mount and display name, title and artist statement labels for consistency. 
  • 9) Exhibit managers reserve the right to reject art upon delivery. 
  • 10)Exhibit managers will provide the artist with contact information for anyone wishing to purchase their artwork.

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